Standard Curriculum

Systematic and progressive studies of artificial intelligence and robotics

  • Developed by UBTECH & East China Normal University

  • Supported by constructivism pedagogy (5E) with AI education as the core

  • Courses linked to the real world, targeting solving actual problems with applicable technology and algorithm

  • Standardized textbooks with rich teaching materials

Constructivism pedagogy (5E) with AI education as the core
  • Knowledge

    Knowledge of AI and IT fundamentals

    Knowledge of engineering

    Knowledge of science and technology

    Knowledge of mathematics and algorithm

  • Method

    Method of scientificinquiry

    Method of project-based learning

    Method of communication and teamwork

    Method of problem-solving

  • Habit

    Habit of independent study

    Habit of self-exploration

    Habit of collaboration and coordination

    Habit of associative thinking