Robotic Curriculum System

Designed to inspire curious and creative minds in progressive and systematic AI robotic learning.

Scientific and Tailored Curriculum System
UBTECH AI curriculum

Basic Curriculum

Standard Curriculum

Extended Curriculum

1.Progressive study for all grades: from lower elementary, upper elementary, junior high, senior high to the college/university.

2.Linking AI with the real world: the curriculum features technology and algorithm as tools and means, PBL approach, hands-on experience, problem-solving orientation, STEAM education and forming favoring mindsets and habits.

3.Rich teaching resources: covering lesson plans, textbooks, teacher's handbooks & slides, teaching kit & programming software, multimedia materials and student's evaluation books.

Curriculum-Product Lineup

Artificial Intelligence is an academic discipline of tomorrow. With the most innovative mindset, knowledge, skill, method, we aim to cultivate the future talents. UBTECH has designed a systematic and progressive curriculum-product lineup to fit and connect individual study stages. A set of robotic technologies and AI tools are integrated to match study needs in different ages. The unique A²I pedagogy ensures every school can reach their particular goal.