UBTECH Education Solutions

UBTECH has built systematic educational solutions which focus on STEAM and AI robotic education running from preschool through to college. Each solution includes a comprehensive curriculum, teaching tools, teacher training, competitions and AI space design, which can truly benefit both educators and learners, as well as inspire and cultivate AI talents for the forthcoming intelligent era.

A²I (Acquire, Apply & Innovate) ROBOTIC EDUCATION PEDAGOGY is the core

  • Acquire
    · Create Interest

    Through fun, interactive and activity-based learning

    · Acquire and Build

    Fundamentals of AI, robotic and coding in a systematic and progressive curriculum

  • Apply
    · Apply Fundamentals

    Into real life scenario, application and competitions

    · Project Based program

    Develop learners’ inquisitive and creative mindsets, problem-solving skillset and teamwork

  • Innovate
    · Innovate and Design

    Based on learner’s creation and culmination of technologies

    · Develop Deep Domain Expertise

    Through high-end researches, participation in forum and conferences

AI And Robotic Talents Development System

Global Ecosystem Partners

  • University of Sydney

  • Carnegie Mellon University

  • Tsinghua University

  • IEEE

  • Victory Production

  • Canvas LMS

5Global Research Institutes

Shenzhen, Sydney, Beijing, Wuhan, Los Angeles

Education Partners