URC is an event that engages students of all ages, both beginners and experienced competitors. Students are required to use engineering and programming skills to design and program robots that should be able to deal with various challenges in limited time. 2019th Season topic is Urban Tech Challenge. In the near future, urban areas will witness significant changes due to the fast-growing robot industry. Life will change in a better way as robots will take over jobs that are dangerous, repetitive and overwhelming for people. Urban Tech Challenge is designed for students of Elementary School, Middle school, High School and University.

  • Clean it up

    Product: uKit Advanced

    Mode: Remote Control & Automatic

    For elementary school students

  • Smart Factory

    Product: uKit Explore

    Mode: Automatic

    For elementary school and middle school students

  • Logistics

    Product: uKit Explore

    Mode: Automatic

    For middle school and high school students

  • Personal Assistant

    Product: Yanshee

    Mode: Automatic

    For high school and university students

Global presence

  • August:

    South Korea

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  • November 22-24

    Kunming, China

National Rounds Highlights